Why You Should Try Out for the School Musical

Frances Evans, the lead of Mount Greylock’s most recent production, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!, explains why the musical might be a great fit for you.

Do you have too much time on your hands? Are you looking for something to do after school? You should do the musical. Auditions for the musical start typically before winter break so that after break, you can start rehearsing! There are many reasons to do the musical. The musical is fun, helps with public speaking skills, and has a great community of people.

I had a great time in the musical because I have always loved singing and acting. But, if you haven’t done much theater in the past, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the musical too. Doing the musical gives you a chance to learn on the fly. You can start small, get more experience, and work your way up while having fun with your peers. 

The musical is so enjoyable because it is a showcase of everyone’s skills. Some people get featured as actors, singers, and dancers. If being onstage isn’t quite your style, you can become a part of the crew. People who are part of the crew can help make costumes, organize props and sets, and make sure that the actors don’t look crazy! I had a really fun time in the musical and would recommend trying it at least once in your high school career.

If presenting projects is stressful for you, you should try doing the musical. Performing in the musical improves your confidence and your public speaking skills. If you have the gut to perform in front of an audience of fifty or more people, then you can speak in front of your class. I know from experience! The musical helps to give you confidence when speaking, improves your articulation, and makes you better at projecting. 

The final and most compelling reason to join the musical is the community of people. The musical is a great opportunity to connect with people you might not usually hang out with, like people who are not in your grade. The people I worked with made the experience ten times better.