Director Jeffrey Welch and Cast Begin Rehearsals for Oliver!

With the arrival of January and the new year, the beginning of rehearsals for this year’s school musical, Oliver!, have begun. The musical is based on the classic novel Oliver Twist by author Charles Dickens. The Tony Award-winning show follows an orphan named Oliver Twist through the ups and downs of finding his place in the world. 

Casting for the musical has come to a close, following two days of vocal and reading auditions overseen by director Jeffrey Welch and musical director Jacqueline Vinette. Rehearsals start on January 3rd, and performances have been scheduled to take place the first weekend of March.

When asked about challenges going into the musical, Welch said, “The challenge is that we have a big cast… it’s a blessing, but also… there’s a lot to teach.” Both Welch and Vinette said they are thankful to have the ability to perform without uncertainty and COVID restrictions.

“I want to build a unit set rather than using risers or just a backdrop,” Welch said, a change from previous years. He also said that some pieces of this set will be recycled from the 2019 musical, Hello Dolly.

Another consideration for Welch is the printing of scripts and materials for the students. “I have to decide what format I want people to have their materials in. The materials have to come from the publisher,” Welch said. “And then we’ll get started with daily rehearsals the first day that we’re back from vacation.” 

This year’s musical will be one to watch, and both the cast and crew are looking forward to the show. Vinette said, “[The students] are always very excited, and their enthusiasm is contagious.” 


Cast List:

Oliver Twist: Morris Israel

Mr. Bumble: Caleb Low

Widow Corney: Claire Burrow

Mr. Sowerberry: Che Guerra

Mrs. Sowerberry: Olivia McKeon

Charlotte Sowerberry: Lucy Igoe

Noah Claypole: Cole Wetherell

Artful Dodger: Yeshe Rai

Fagin: Vincent Welch

Nancy: Frankie Evans

Bet: Mai Dekel

Bill Sikes: Cailean Fippinger

Mr. Brownlow: Quinlan Repetto

Dr. Grimwig: Alec Sills

Mrs. Bedwin: Juliet Kornell