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Students Discuss Favorite School Nooks

School is often labeled as a stressful place. Throughout the seven hour days and the five day weeks, students easily become mentally and physically fatigued. Although this tiredness can be difficult to manage in school, many students have special nooks throughout the building where they can take a moment to rest.

One of the most popular nooks in the school is the library. The library is inviting, with bright sunlight, comfy chairs, coloring books, study spots, books galore and of course librarian Liza Barrett.

Senior Emma Brennen cited the library as her favorite nook. “That’s where we normally go to get a break from the realisticness of school.”

“Yeah, the two comfy chairs in the library are the best spot to go. It’s comfortable, you can sleep, take a nap and you can just relax,” senior Ece Karakaya added.

Senior Larissa Broadwell agreed. “There’s only two chairs, so we have to fight for it, but it’s a good spot. There are also no teachers looking at you constantly, so it’s nice,” Broadwell said. 

Brennan, Karakaya, and Broadwell spend the majority of their free time in their nook in the library right in front of the door where the two blue chairs sit. “It’s pressure free,” Brennan said. 

A nook doesn’t always have to be a place. “I think it’s really about the people there,” sophomore Lincoln Simpson said when asked what made his nooks so special. “The lunch table has a lot of my friends there.” 

For some, their nook is a place outside of the classroom, like Simpson and his friends at the lunch table, or sitting in the library for Brennan, Broadwell, and Karakaya. But for others, their nooks are found in the comfort of a classroom. 

Jane-Ellen Desomma’s art room is senior Marlee Alpi’s favorite nook. “Ms. Desomma makes it so special, she’s the best teacher in the whole school. I do art there, in her classroom, and I love to talk to Ms. Desomma while I am there,” Alpi said. “Doing art and talking to Ms. Desomma helps me feel better because they are my two favorite things to do.”

Finding a nook in the school can take time, but many students love having a comfortable and special place for them once they do. “Chill out if you need that time. It’s better to take a break than never,” Simpson said.


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