Athlete Spotlight: An Interview with Derek Paris

Krishan Rai, Staff Writer

The Mount Greylock boys’ varsity basketball team has had a fairly successful season. The Echo sat down with Derek Paris, a freshman that made a difference for the team in his first season playing with them.

Echo: How successful do you think the basketball team has been this season?

Paris: I mean, we’ve been pretty good. I think we definitely showed that we were better than we were expected to be. We lost a lot of kids, so everyone thought we would do pretty bad, but we ended up showing them that we were pretty good.

E: What do you think was your most humiliating defeat?

P: Probably the last game, at the end of the season, because it wasn’t the way we wanted to finish off our season

E: Which do you think were your best games?

P: Near the end of the season, the five last games that we won straight. It felt really good because we scored an average of 70 points in each of those games.

E: How did you contribute to the team?

P: I think I contributed pretty well. I was a starter on the team, so I just tried to help the others as much as I could.

E: Do you think you helped them win?

P: I think I helped them win some games. It’s a team sport so like I can’t really, I’m not going to take the credit, but I think that everyone helped out a lot.

E: Are you looking forward to continuing with basketball?

P: I’m definitely looking forward to playing next season.

E: And what are your goals for next year?

P: Next season, I’ll first say I want to win Western Mass.