Workout Wednesday: Week 2

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday! Phew. A whole week (+) in quarantine. As this is looking like it will become the new normal, we must adjust our routines accordingly. Getting your blood pumping and endorphins flowing is a great way to provide variety to your daily at home schedule. Lay out a yoga mat, grab some water, and get ready to work!


Stretch / Yoga / Run x15 min


Plank x45s

20 Tricep Dips (These can be done on a couch)

30 Shoulder Touches 

15 Pushups

Repeat 3x



20 sit ups

30 russian twists

20 bicycles

20 toe touches

20 scissors 

Repeat 2x



Squat Jumps (30s)

20 Lunges

20 squats

Wall sit (30s)

Repeat 2x


 Wash hands (20s)