A Bite at the Break Room: Worth it?


Photo Courtesy of The Break Room

Gabe Gerry, Staff Writer

Just a few years ago, the factory building that now contains Greylock Works was empty. It was, perhaps, the best indicator of North Adams’ former glory: a once vibrant work space abandoned, resulting in thousands of wasted square feet. 

But the building has recently gone through a transformation representative of major rejuvenation efforts and investments in North Adams. There is a hard cider distillery, a shared workspace, and even a florist in Greylock Works. With an interior that can only be described as “industrial chic,” the space is filled with hard corners, strategic rusting, and the strong bones of an old factory. 

Greylock Works is also home to The Break Room, a restaurant that offers baked goods, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  

I traveled there this past weekend to try it out for myself. When I first walked in, I noticed that the space is walled off from the rest of the building. You enter through a sturdy steel door, which matches the “industrial chic” vibe mentioned before. But “industrial chic” does not account for the weight of perfectly rusted steel. In order to practice social distancing, the line snaked out of the room, and, with no door stop, everyone had to support it with their feet. This is a small critique, of course, but it would be nice if it were fixed. 

Once at the counter, there is a great view into the immaculately clean kitchen. Everything behind the bar looked delicious and it smelled even better. You are also met with a beautiful pastry display, filled with fluffy croissants ($3.25-$4), danishes ($3.25), and scones.

Although seating indoors is allowed, I opted to eat outside. The Break Room offers five outdoor tables with somewhat flimsy sun covers. It was nice, if not a bit bare. The spaced-out tables (to insure social distancing) make the venue seem a little empty. Small plants, even, would help make it more welcoming. 

Now for the important part: the food. I ordered an almond croissant, a plain croissant, the french toast ($9) with sausage on the side ($2). Plus, my entree came with a side of home fries I didn’t even order. The abundance of food paired with an empty belly was the perfect way to start the day. 

The french toast was served on cinnamon raisin bread drizzled with Vermont maple syrup, which was a delicious combination. The home fries were very well seasoned and added some nice variation to the sweetness of my breakfast. Speaking of sweetness, my french toast was nearly like candy. For the rest of the day I felt like I needed to be constantly brushing my teeth. 

What really stood out, though, were the pastries. If you get anything from The Break Room, get those. My french toast was very good, but it was not worth the $9 I had to pay for it. The sausages lacked a little bit of seasoning and could have used more herbs.. 

The Break Room is definitely worth a visit, but due to its steep prices I do not think it will become my go-to breakfast joint.