Because 2020: Five Oddities that are now the New Normal

A few weeks ago, I pitched an article idea to my Shakespeare zoom chat. “I have this idea for an article. The tentative title is Because 2020, and there are going to be five things that could only be considered normal in this special year. If you have any suggestions, just throw them out there.” I did this with absolutely no intention, but within two minutes, I had about ten suggestions. Here are five that the 2020 Shakespeare class and I came up with.

  1. Pets are now Members of our Class. 

The amount of times that I’ve seen a cat or dog in someone’s zoom camera is absolutely mental. My own sister’s cats have made a couple appearances of their own. In normal times, bringing your pet to class would not be a recommended action. But now, when we are all at home anyways, seeing someone’s pet is accepted. It’s even encouraged sometimes, but those sorts of meetings aren’t exactly frequent in a typical school curriculum.

  1. Hungry In Class? Be our Guest!

I wouldn’t typically recommend this. Certain people usually get hungry during classes, but in normal times, students would just have to deal with it. Now, though, like pets in Zoom class, we are at home, and snacks aren’t too far away now.  And neither is coffee. So if you get hungry during class, grab a small morsel to hold yourself over. Carrots, anyone? Just make sure it isn’t too sticky. Your computer,  as well as Mrs. Barrett, would not appreciate that. 

  1. Have an Old Odd Hobby? Hey, At Least it’s Something to Do.

I am guilty of this. For years, I collected and bought baseball cards like it was going out of style. I mean, it was going out of style, but that’s beside the point. Collecting stamps, collecting stickers, and collecting plants are now all hobbies of extreme interest. Quarantine boredom has brought some of these things back into the limelight. Nonetheless, I still have absolutely nothing to do with all these baseball cards I have. If anyone wants to buy some,  let me know.

  1. Sleepwear is Now All-Day Wear!

I used to love Pajama Days as a kid in elementary school. I remember thinking, “Why can’t this be everyday?” It took a pandemic, but now it is a reality. Now, in complete honesty, I haven’t tried this yet. So fair play to Jennah Simpson for reminding me about this phenomenon. Or was it Kiersten? (Sorry guys. I’ll get it one day.) But now, if you have woken up five minutes before class and do not have time to properly dress, it’s not too much of an issue anymore.

  1. Antisocial is the New Social

My 6th grade self, who talked to no one, is wondering why he couldn’t have transported himself to 2020. This would be the perfect year for that younger version of me. Sixth grade me tried to keep six feet away from people even without a state-wide mandate. Now it’s required. Lila, shoutout to you. This was easily the number one idea on this list, and I salute you for suggesting it.